Often times we don’t think of where are clothing material comes from or the environmental and social costs that come with it. Cotton is heavily sprayed with pesticides and there are poor working conditions for cotton farmers and processors around the world. Cotton clothing also wears out fairly quickly, causing the need for more of it to be produced. Commercial leather making uses heavy metal chrome chemicals for tanning, resulting in pollution of streams and waterways.


By using natural tanning methods and sourcing local materials, we are proud to make some of the most ethical and sustainable fabric available. All of our leather is tanned by hand without heavy metals or toxic chemicals and without soil disturbance or pesticide use. No animals are raised or hunted for our tanning and a lot of the hides would otherwise go to waste. Our products are very durable and if properly cared for should last for decades.


A suede-like material that is very soft and pliable and great for making clothing. It is very durable and can be washed.

These are deer hides tanned with the brain tan method using oil and soap.


A high-quality natural leather that can be oiled for water resistance and is tough enough for applications such as shoemaking, bags, jackets and more.

This deer leather is tanned with oak bark and no chemicals or heavy metals that are commonly used in commercial leather making.