Our Grassfed Beef

Our heritage breeds, mostly Irish Dexter, are well suited for a 100% grassfed diet because they have smaller frames to fill out and finish on grass. That means more marbling of fat and more omega-3s. Through rotational grazing and low stress handling techniques, we support the health of the cattle, the health of the land, and the health of our consumers.

Our animals are fed a 100% grass and forage diet, raised outdoors on pasture for their entire lives, and managed according to the animal welfare and environmental standards.

Our beef is available on farm Tues-Sat 10am-6pm or we offer free delivery to Berea and Somerset!

Why Grassfed

Grassfed beef is better for human health than grain-fed beef in ten different ways, according to a 2009 study by the USDA and researchers at Clemson University in South Carolina.

Compared with grain-fed beef, grass-fed beef is:

  • Lower in total fat – two to three times lower
  • Higher in beta-carotene
  • Higher in vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)
  • Higher in the B-vitamins thiamin and riboflavin
  • Higher in the minerals calcium, magnesium, and potassium
  • Higher in total omega-3s
  • A healthier ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids (1.65 vs 4.84)
  • Higher in CLA (cis-9 trans-11), a potential cancer fighter
  • Higher in vaccenic acid (which can be transformed into CLA)
  • Lower in the saturated fats linked with heart disease

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We will have beef halves for purchase this fall. Contact us for more information!

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