The girls rockin’ out with their tongues out. They use their long textured tongues to pull in the highly nutritious seed heads. Yum.


Mob grazing is a system where cattle are rotated in high density paddocks for short periods of time. It mimics the natural grazing patterns of wild ruminates such as bison who migrate in large herds to new areas, eat and trample down the grass, lay down manure and move on to a new site.


The cows eat the highly nutritious heads of the grass and trample down the “straw”. With the addition of manure in concentrated areas, soil is built from the top down in a sheet mulch style fashion. The grass roots also remain long and resilient to drought versus shallow rooted grasses that occur from constantly grazing low.


This system of grazing helps to build soil health and the cows just love it. Now that is one happy cow.