This Fall we took our first steer that was born and raised on the farm to the processor. The day was full of mixed emotions but it is comforting to know that he lived a good life on green pastures and that he will be providing our family and community with some of the highest quality grassfed, humanely raised meat.

It is hard to understand how you can love something and kill it but that is part of being fully responsible for the meat we raise and eat. We watch the slaughter so that we know that the animal is given the respect it deserves from birth to death. The team at Marksbury Farm did a great job and we are thankful to have such a top notch facility close by.

If you are a meat eater I encourage you to take the time to experience the life of an animal from birth to death to be fully aware of your choices. Society has done the opposite in recent times and we have disconnected from how animals are raised. It really makes you respect and give thanks to the animal each time you eat meat and makes you think twice before eating meat without the story of the animal attached. We welcome you to come to our farm, visit with our cattle and try our 100% grassfed beef.